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Below are some common questions I get. Feel free to reach out and contact me directly for more information or clarification. 

“How can I make a good impression on my first session?”

Firstly, follow my guidelines on the booking process to make it painless and easy. Be on time. Arriving early can be just as frustrating as arriving late. I need time between my bookings to clean and freshen myself up. If you are late it will cut into your own booking time- not the next client. Although I provide a shower for you before and after every booking, it is still nice to arrive well presented and smelling good. Don’t ask for discounts. Have the right amount of money for the service you have booked as I do not provide services unless I am paid the full amount. A smile and a friendly attitude can go a long way but just be yourself and have fun!

“What should I bring to the booking?”

All you need to bring is payment for the booking and your best behavior. I provide everything needed for the services including; towles, natural coconut oil, bodywash, soap, wipes, music, lube, toys and anything else related to the booking type. Bringing some extra cash is a good idea if you may want to add extras at the last minute (or for tips if you are inclined but it is not an expectation).

“Can I see a picture of your face?”

Yes, but not for free. You can find an array of images on my OnlyFans account. That is the only platform I post my face on. This is to ensure my safety and privacy.

“It’s my first time and I’m not sure what session to book.”

I highly recommend at least 45 minutes for your first session. This allows us the time to chat and get to know each other first and settle any nerves you may have. Enjoy a longer massage with enough time to not feel rushed.

“What if I’m too nervous to book?”

Totally normal! It isn’t unusual for nerves to come up when meeting someone for the first time. Especially in an intimate setting. But be assured I am very friendly and charismatic. I can facilitate an easy-going conversation or you can simply relax without talking and enjoy the session with soothing music. 

“What safety and hygiene measures do you have?”

I am a very clean person and take pride in my space. Between EVERY client I change the towels, have a shower, wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial spray, I regularly bleach the toilet and shower (I have to use these too and want them clean!). Every service offered complies with the NZPC rules, this includes using a protection barrier for any services required. I will never work when I am unwell to protect my clients and to ensure I’m always at my best for every booking. My premises has security cameras for my own safety but these recordings will not be stored or shared unless there is an incident that will be reported to the police. I do not provide services to intoxicated clients, if you turn up drunk I will terminate the booking with no refund and ask you to leave immediately. There is also security on site during my working hours to furthermore ensure my safety, any threats or acts of violence will result in forceful removal if necessary. 

“I have made a booking but can no longer make it. Do you offer refunds on deposits?”

If you give me 3 hours notice you will get your deposit refunded or put as credit towards your next booking. If you give me less than 3 hours notice I will not offer a refund of your deposit due to the scheduling issues it creates for me. But I am a reasonable woman so this may be subject to change case to case due to extenuating circumstances.

“Do you cater to people with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, micro-penis or other issues?”

Absolutely! You are not alone in this and it's actually quite common. I have a lot of experience and know how to get the best out of your session regardless of what you may have going on downstairs.  I am very open and will never shame a client in any way. These are not details you need to share before booking. Book with confidence that you are in safe, welcoming hands.

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