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My Spicy Services

What to expect from a sensual massage...

Once we have completed the booking process through text and all details are discussed and agreed upon, the next step is simply showing up on time. I will send you a text describing where to go. Once you arrive and knock on the door, I will be awaiting your arrival in full lingerie (special/specific requests may be arranged in advance).

You will be welcomed through the door into a calm and clean space with relaxing ambient music flowing through the hallway. We enter the room together and this is the final opportunity to discuss expectations, extras, concerns and then the cash is exchanged. I will offer you privacy to get undressed as I turn on the shower and then I return to escort you towards the bathroom. Once you are showered and clean you will make your way back to the massage room.

As you enter the room, you will notice I have dimmed the lights to add a sensual feeling to the room, but bright enough so you can gaze upon my naked body, a little tease, before you lie facedown on the massage table. I have a heater, fan and heat pad available to ensure your comfort for the duration of the booking.

I will begin by talking about how and where you enjoy touch and get underway with the first portion of the massage. As time goes on I will tease your intimate areas more and more. The hot oil covering your body makes for a soft silky feeling as I rub all over you.

My soft bouncy breasts will glide over every part of you, sending waves of warm sensations to the best places. In my more intimate bookings I allow for a role reversal. This means you and I swap places and you have the opportunity to massage me and explore my body more freely. I am an expert at creating a comfortable and erotic environment and I take every opportunity to maximize your viewing pleasure, as well as physical satisfaction.

As the appointment time gets closer to the end I will take control again and guide us into focusing on your pleasure, awaiting your hot happy ending. As our time concludes I will escort you to the shower. Feeling satisfied you allow the oil to melt away and pure ecstasy washes over your whole body as you process the amazing erotic time we shared together. We can chat and reflect on our booking as you get dressed and make your way out.

Sensual Massage

Indulge in the ultimate erotic massage of your dreams. Be stimulated by a mix of firm massage, light teasing touch and erotic oily body slides. I touch every part of your body building to a climax you will be begging for. I am very experienced and can assure 100% satisfaction. Allow yourself to be tempted by my range of cheeky extras - the pleasure can go both ways for maximum arousal. Watch me moan! 

Bi-Sexual Doubles

Ever thought about two girls at once? Its your lucky day, Watch us make-out and stimulate each other for your viewing pleasure. I offer doubles with the most elite women in the industry. Watch sparks fly - our chemistry is undeniable as us girls are genuine bisexuals. Nothing is faked.  You won't know where to look with four hands touching every part of your body at once and some delicious girl-on-girl action to get amongst.  

Cherry & Chill

For my regular clients I offer a more intimate session where we cozy up for a good chat. Get to know each other, possibly flirt over a glass of wine or a movie. We can snuggle on the bed, listen to music and just enjoy each others company. You will have my full attention. We finish with a sensual massage to leave you walking away feeling fulfilled and satisfied in more than just a sensual sense.

Couples Massage

Get spicy with your partner or playmate with me. Open up the possibility for shared excitement, get closer and more intimate by experiencing all the fun I have to offer together. Or for the exhibitionists out there, allow me to get a peek into your naughty world together. LGBTQIA+ friendly. 

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